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Robert Garza

I found that I could draw at an early age. At first, I would draw comic book characters and hot rods. When I was little, my mom would get mad because I would get new calendars and draw on the unprinted sides of them. Large blank paper was not safe around our house! My artwork is mostly pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor. Throughout school, I did not draw as much, just small drawings. While I attended High school, my high school art teacher introduced me to the Renaissance artists, DaVinci and Michelangelo, which to this day have given me much inspiration. I also do portraits, figure drawings, design starships (I am a big Star Trek fan), and even pet portraits. My Bible artwork been described as intense and powerful I do have one statement that I like to repeat which describes my opinion about my art: I am not a decorator, I draw or paint art that tells a story or my opinion. While in my career as a Courtroom Sketch Artist, I have received substantial praise for my courtroom artwork. It has been seen in the various local news, as well in the nationally seen ABC TV show 20/20. I have been creating artwork for over 50 years.

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