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Jerry Bergeron


I was fortunate that “most” of my school teachers enjoyed the pencil sketches found proudly displayed on my classroom desks. Commercial design & advertising was a road taken after the desks were cleaned in South Dakota. I’ve been involved in some form of graphic design, branding or marketing for almost 35 years - I love it. I dabbled in art along the way. 


I spent the majority of my advertising career in Amarillo, Texas — we made a move to Lubbock, Texas in 2017. I have a supportive & beautiful wife, a dry-humored witty son (30), and 3 imaginative, beautiful, smart young daughters (21, 19 & 17.75). 


I’m learning – I’m healing – I’m growing – I’m imperfect – I’m a “work in progress”. That relates to spirit, life lessons and my art. I’m blessed to have time to fill canvases & paper with some ink, smudges and paint. Art moves me. If I play a small part in “moving” someone else - I’m honored and blessed.


I currently work full-time at a local farm credit association, as an AVP of Branding. 

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