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Homer Hensley


May 26, 1951 - March 24, 2023

Homer Hensley was a contemporary painter who resided in Lubbock with his wife, Lynn. He had been painting for over 50 years and had professional experience in various types of painting. Despite being a fifth generation Lubbockite, he found inspiration from his travels abroad and throughout the U.S. Homer's love for art started when he painted billboards in his great grandfather's advertising agency as a child. Growing up in the ad business, he learned to paint efficiently and with purpose. Homer continued to hone his craft while studying at Texas Tech University. Even as he began his career in finance and started a family with Lynn, he remained captivated by painting. He utilized and fell in love with many forms of painting, including watercolors, oil and acrylics, pencil, still-life, plein-air, and tromplé. His ultimate goal as an artist was to please the viewer, no matter what the object was.

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