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Jodi Foster - Tekstar

Born & raised in Texas, I’ve been painting everything I could find since my momma put finger paints in front of me & later paint brush & oil painting lessons in Happy Tx. starting when I was 8.  I painted flowers on the bathroom walls at the Swisher county fairgrounds & the 4-H clubhouse in Happy ( it was the 60s after all), propane tanks on the farm, rocks & lots of oil paintings as gifts for the family. I have always loved using lots of bright colors. When we moved to Graham, I was in the 8th grade, and my interests gravitated toward other areas, due in part to an art teacher that was less than encouraging… so I made collages & painted signs. Having become interested in theatre in High School, I majored in Theatre & later, Art at West Texas State University. I moved to West Virginia to Austin & back to Canyon before following my dream of mountain living in Red River New Mexico. I was a ski instructor, waitress, bartender, landscaper & medical investigator in the 22 years that I lived in my little mountain town. It was there that my

art really blossomed. Surrounded by the artistic influence of Mexican & Native American art as well as the 1960-70s hippie culture coupled with the beautiful colors of northern New Mexico, I found my creative nirvana. Conventional as well as unconventional art abounds in the mountains of New Mexico… Taos, Santa Fe, Dixon, Questa, Pilar & other small villages dotting the landscape, are full of artists & their treasures.

I worked in many mediums from fiber & clothing to botanicals, finding my true artistic soul in found object art & old furniture as my canvas of choice. The lines of each piece of furniture told me what that piece desired to be in its new life. I find furniture a forgiving canvas, many pieces having been long exiled to a junk store, they seem elated to put on new clothes & become worthy of a place in a collector’s home once again. 

Found object art gives me the same sense of making something old & discarded new again. Ofrendas, home altars, is my usual form of found object art. 

Art comes from your heart & soul, therefore, no right or wrong exists in art. Anyone willing to lay out their visions & dreams to others is an artist, in my opinion. Plenty of like-minded humans will identify with, find beauty in & want your art in their lives & homes. 

Art truly is in the eye of the beholder however cliche that may sound, it IS true. 

My mother was always my biggest supporter & inspiration. She encouraged me from the time I was born until the day that she died in 2019. I dedicate every piece of art that I make to her.

Encourage someone today… BUY ART 

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